Get Troup Reading is excited to announce the new director of the initiative! Kim Myers, who is a  lifelong resident of Troup County and recently retired after 30 years of teaching with most of her career spent as the media specialist at Hollis Hand Elementary will be the first director of the collaborative initiative. 

“I am excited to take on this new role because I know the importance of children being able to read on grade level. I am genuinely concerned that as a county we fall well below the line of basic reading skills for our children. I am thrilled to be a part of a movement that will help the youngest of our citizens reach their full potential, by instilling not only a love of reading but the basic building blocks needed in the early years to achieve academic success and gain life skills needed to grow into adults who will continue to make our community great”, stated Myers.  

Troup Family Connection Authority Executive Director Mandy Hill says, “We are excited to have Kim as the Director of Get Troup Reading! She has a wealth of knowledge and skills to expand and grow the initiative into something that will really move the needle when it comes to grade-level reading across our community”. Troup Family Connection Authority is one of the four organizations leading the initiative. The other organizations include the Troup County  Center for Strategic Planning, the Troup County School System and the United Way of West  Georgia

Get Troup Reading is a community-based and locally funded initiative made up of a large group of stakeholders who have a strong vested interest in the literacy of our community. This team has worked for the last few years conducting research, attending training and participating in activities to determine the needs and the strategies required to address grade-level reading and other issues that affect literacy. The community initiative will support the Troup County School  System’s efforts while identifying and implementing community-based activities to support literacy outside of the school setting.