Physical and mental health are vital in determining a student’s success in school.


For all babies and toddlers in Troup County to be healthy and developmentally ready for school.


  • Increase the number of Quality Rated Childcare programs from 17-22.

  • Get developmental, vision and hearing screenings in childcare and home day cares.

  • Promote community saturation of The Basics movement, which seeks to help every family help every child reach their full potential.

Explore The Basics


The Word Gap

For children of poverty, there is a significant word gap from birth to school age. The cumulative effect is children entering school have a 30 million word gap that is almost impossible to overcome in the first three years of school. This deficit is a leading cause of not being able to read on grade level by 3rd grade. Talking to your baby before he can talk to you is one of the best ways to avoid the 30 million word gap and prepare your child for academic success in school. Everyday talk with your children, tell them stories and read to them at all ages beginning at birth. Be sure to visit your local library and participate in fun reading and storytelling programs with your children.



Quality Rated Day Care Centers

Quality Rated is Georgia’s system to determine, improve, and communicate the quality of programs that provide child care. Quality Rated assigns one, two, or three stars to early education and school-age care programs that meet or exceed minimum state requirements. Our goal is for all children enrolled in a daycare to be enrolled in a Quality Rated daycare.

Vision and Hearing Screenings

United Way of West Georgia is a community partnership focused on improving school readiness through a strong network of public and private resources. They collaborate with school districts, child development centers, community organizations, local government and others to promote the healthy development of all children from conception through age five.

Talk With Me Baby

Talk With Me Baby is a partnership of public and private organizations all working to bring the concept of language nutrition into public awareness, and educate parents and caregivers on the importance of talking with their babies.

Success By Six

Success by Six is an initiative of the United Way of West Georgia. With a focus on children ages three and four, this program helps prepare children who will soon begin formal schooling

Bright 2 Text

Bright by Text provides free tips, information, and resources to help all parents and caregivers give every child a bright beginning. Text the word BRIGHT to 274448 to register.

Quality Care for Children

Quality Care for Children provides referrals to parents seeking Georgia child care, afterschool programs, Georgia Pre-K, Early/Head Start and summer camps.

Early language exposure sets the foundation for cognitive ability, literacy, and school readiness and is the single strongest predictor of third grade reading proficiency.