Measure Results.


Many factors affect a child’s ability to read. We have chosen six primary strategies to address in Troup County. We will measure the effectiveness of these strategies to determine how we are doing. Here you can track where Troup County stands on our strategies, in addition to other important measurements.

Troup County 3rd Graders Reading Below Grade Level

2023 GMAS

Children Enrolled In The Georgia Pre-K Program

% of children enrolled in Georga’s Pre-K Program for 2021
Troup County: 67.7%
State of Georgia: 49.1%

Centers and Family Care Homes Rated in Quality Rated

% of out-of-home child-care settings that are rated in Quality Rated for 2021
Troup County: 59%
State of Georgia: 59%

Students Who Graduate High School On Time

% of children who graduated High School in 4 years (2023)
Troup County: 86%
State of Georgia: 84.4%