All parents want their children to perform well in school but few think about how things outside of the classroom affect performance. Here are some tips to ensure your child’s success in reading and in life.

1. Get Involved in your Child’s Education

Become an expert on your child’s literacy and academics. Get their test scores and schedule meetings with teachers to discuss areas that need attention. Ask what can be done at home to improve your child’s reading skills and make it a priority to do those things! To learn more about where your child’s school stands, visit our metrics page.

2. Read with Your Child at Least 20 Minutes Per Day

Reading aloud to your children has long been associated with increased literacy and academic success as well as improved family bonds. Start reading to your child at birth and continue even when they can read themselves.

3. Watch for Signs of Vision, Hearing and Behavioral Health Problems

Have your child’s vision and hearing screened according to your pediatrician’s recommendations and watch them during family reading time to assess how well they see and hear. Monitor concerning behaviors and request advice from your child’s doctor or a behavior specialist. Addressing these issues as early as possible gives your child the best chance at achieving academic success.

4. Teach Your Children to Love Reading

Read often with your children; encourage their interest by allowing them to choose their own books and make reading a fun bonding experience.  For tips on how to help your child fall in love with reading, click here.